12 Amazing DIY Wall Hangings

There’s a ton of ways to make your wall art actually interesting, so your bedroom doesn’t look like literally everyone else’s.

1. Easy DIY yarn and wooden bead wall hanging


2. DIY modern tassel wall hanging

Homey Oh My

3. Simpler jumbo tassel wall hanging


4. DIY photo and triangle wall hanging

Homey Oh My

5. Chunky braid and tassel woven wall hanging

A Beautiful Mess

6. DIY branch and clay stars wall hanging

Lia Griffith

7. DIY pom pom and tassel wall hanging

Frankie Magazine

8. Chunky yarn, pom poms, and wooden beads branch hanging

The Nester,

9. Super easy DIY macrame wall hanging

 Hey Lila Hey

10. Easy pom pom garland wall hanging

 Red Heart

11. Pull-down style botanical fabric wall hanging

Francois et Moi

12. Multi-coloured woven wall hanging with chunky braids

DIY Network!

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