12 Amazing DIY Winter Door Wreaths

These 12 DIY wreaths are wintry — not Christmasy — so you can keep them up until spring. Plus, they’re made of materials that’ll last, so you can use them year after year.

1. DIY winter twig and frame wreath

Setting For Four

2. Cozy winter sweater wreath

Taryn Whiteaker

3. Foam snowball wreath

 Daisy Mae Belle

4. Two step festive holiday wreath

A Pumpkin & A Princess

5. DIY glam berry wreath

My Blessed Life

6. Santa tulle Christmas wreath

 Baby Rabies

7. Simple holly wreath

Simply Homemade.

8. Flannel wrapped door wreath

Sadie Seasongoods

9. DIY miniature gift wreath

Crafts Unleashed

10. Fir and pinecone rectangle wreath

Shanty 2 Chic

11. Wood slice and burlap Christmas leaf

 Finding Home Farms

12. Pretty cut out snowflake door wreath

One Krieger Chick

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