12 Amazing Lace DIY Projects

Simple techniques, such as wrapping a piece of lace around an object, can add some old world charm and texture to make your home feel cozier.

1. Repurposed vintage doilies and frames

Flea Market Trixie

2. Pretty lace decoupaged flower pots

A Beautiful Mess

3. Lace stencilled stepping stones


4. Lace stencilled ceiling

Bella Tucker

5. Lace stencilled dresser drawers

Uniquely Chic Furniture

6. DIY lace doily hot air balloon

Crafting News.

7. Lace stencilled closet wall makeover

Scout and Nimble

8. Lace frosted glass

Blog Lovin’

9. Vintage lace doily table runner

Vintage Junky

10. Lace doily pendant lamp

Dos Family

11. Lace stencilled chair

Creativity in DIY

12. Lace doily bowls

A Little Craft in Your Day!

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