12 Awesome DIY Living Room Designs

We’ve put together an awesome list of 48 DIY living room decorating ideas to help you update everything from your coffee table to your throw pillows.

1. Floor to ceiling pallet wall paneling


2. Custom made and hand painted pallet wall art

 Katherine Wandell!

3. Homemade wooden sofa table

 Jenna Sue Design Co.

4. Repurposed mirror coffee table

In My Own Style

5. Wire basket and wood side table

Twin Dragonfly Designs

6. 5-minute dollar store pillar candles

 Four Generations, One Roof

7. Striped armchair coffee caddy

Francois et Moi made this super useful armchair coffee caddy and painted it with an adorably striped pattern.

8. Ombre rope blanket basket

Lydia Out Loud used to store their throw blankets. We really appreciate the way they added an ombre coating of paint so give it a bit of a colour pop! It’s a detail that will look neat in any colour you choose.

9. DIY blanket ladder

 Cherished Bliss

10. Raw cotton and jute twine mason jar vase

The Kay’s Place

11. DIY distressed farmhouse tray tables

Character and Charm

12. Geometric straw plate wall art

Design Improvised

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