12 Awesome DIY Teddy Bears

Teddy bear has always been the fluffy toy that made kids feel confident in their own forces, gave them courage and a wonderful friend that has never disappointed them.

1. Little felt stuffed teddy bear


2. Miniature polymer clay teddy bears


3. Flat baby bear

Sew Toy

4. Fuzzy kawaii bear plushie

Budget Hobby

5. Tiny towel teddy bear

TKG Crafts

6. Teddy bear cupcakes

Ruffles and Rain Boots

7. Wash cloth teddy bears

The Whoot

8. Crocheted teddy bear


9. DIY faux fur teddy bear

 Binc Bonc

10. Scrap fabric bear

While She Naps

11.  Mini Build-A-Bear with clothes

Sugar Charm Shop!

12. Old fashioned felt plushie bears

One Imon

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