12 Awesome DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Adults

From love notes that are scribbled out on sugar cookies to pop-up cards that look store-bought, these valentines will make everyone on your list feel like they’ve just been hit by Cupid’s arrow. And for the perfect present to include with your card, try one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

1. Candy iPod

Crap I’ve Made

2. Don’t ever change

Jacolyn Murphy

2. Goldfish cracker valentine

Tammy Mitchell Designs

3. Orange juice valentine


4. Burt’s Bees valentine

5. Googly eye valentine

Rae Ann Kelly‘s

6. Bookmark valentine

Thirty Handmade Days

7. Pencil valentine

Smitten Design‘s

8. Banana valentine

Dream a Little Bigger did!

9. Secret note spool valentine

Earnest Home Co.

10. Chevron heart necklace valentine

We Can Redo It.

11. Origami hearts valentine

Omiyage Blogs

12. Vodka valentine

Freutcake made.

13. Prop valentines

Warm Hot Chocolate‘s

14. Anatomically correct heart valentine

Assemble Shop‘s

15. Watercolor paints valentine

Warm Hot Chocolate

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