12 Charming Snowmen DIYs for Quality Time with Your Kids!

Engage in delightful family bonding with these 12 adorable DIY snowmen projects that promise joy, laughter, and the creation of lasting memories.

1. Yarn Wrapped Snowman 

Frugal Mom Eh

2. Sock Snowman 

Easy Peasy and Fun

3. Snowman Washcloth Puppet 

Hello Bee!

4. Sweater Snowmen 

DIY Beautify!

5. Crochet Snowman 

Midwestern Moms

6. Clay Snowman 

One Artsy Mama‘s

7. Terra Cotta Snowman 

The Home Depot

8. Felted Wool Snowman 

Lia Griffith‘s

9. Mason Jar Snowman 

Canary Street!

10. Plastic Spoon Snowmen 

Crafts by Amanda

11. Snowman Candy Jar 

Inside Bru Crew Life

12. Tin Can Snowman 

Practically Functional

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