12 Cool And Easy DIY Home Improvements

Here are some easy DIY home improvements to crank out this weekend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever done a project like this or not – they’re doable so dive on in!

1. Organize & Declutter

Extra Space

2. Window Trim


3. Bathroom Revamp

The Lovely Drawer

4. Wooden Countertops

Artsy Chicks Rule

5. Casing & Corbels


6. Temporary Backsplash

The Crazy Craft Lady

7. Homemade Pantry

Handmade Haven.

8. Shiplap

Rain and Pine

9. Building Shutters

The Handmade Home

10. Recessed Lighting

Bitterroot DIY.

11. Barn Door

A Turtle’s Life for Me

12. Basic Shelving

The Wood Grain Cottage

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