12 Cool DIY Scarecrow Ideas

Check out these 12 different ways to make cute scarecrows of all different kinds to protect your gardens (or even just add a cute country-like aesthetic to your home)

1. Paper plate and construction paper scarecrow

Fantastic First Graders.

2. Scarecrow popsicle stick puppets


3. Scarecrow puppets with cut out paper outfits

East Coast Mommy

4. Popsicle stick and foam paper scarecrows

See What We Did Today

5. Toilet paper roll scarecrows

Crafty Morning

6. Footprint scarecrow painting

Sweet and Lovely Crafts

7. Paper bag scarecrows

1 Pure Heart

8. Potato stamp and yarn scarecrows

Glued to My Crafts

9. Wizard of Oz themed pumpkin scarecrows


10. Mini pumpkin and buttons scarecrow

Glued to My Crafts

11. Little crocheted scarecrow

Sanity by Stitches.

12. Kid scarecrow from hand-me-down clothes

Just a Girl and Her Blog

13. Scarecrow cupcakes

Holidays Page

14. Scarecrow taco dip

Betty Crocker

15. Wooden spoon scarecrow

The Nature of Grace

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