12 Cool Kids Gardening Projects

Our kid-friendly ideas, from fairy gardens to seedling starters, will nurture their green thumbs in every season.

1. DIY mini grass houses built from a bunch of ordinary household sponges:

Source: wonderfuldiy.com

2. Fill a mason jar  with sugar water to finish a whimsical butterfly feeder. Before that, you need to have a bit of knot-tying know-how:

Get Tutorial for above project ====> motherrising.blogspot.com    Get Tutorial for bottom project ====> ehow.com

3. Growing grass head is a super fun way to watch the “hair” grow and trim trim trimming it off:

Get Tutorial for above project ====> gardentherapy.ca    Get Tutorial for bottom project ====> redtedart.com

4. Fill the used egg cartons with some potting soil to plant the seeds, and then cover the containers with a plastic bag to create a lovely little greenhouse:

Get Tutorial here ====> hazelandcompany.blogspot.com

5. Don’t throw away those empty plastic water bottles, as they can be turn into cute tomato planters hung from a deck or front porch:

Get Tutorial here ====> bonzaiaphrodite.com

6. It is very interesting to watch how fast the beans grow on cotton balls:

Get Tutorial here ====> theimaginationtree.com  and  playdoughtoplato.com

7. Kids would love play with these mud cupcakes in the garden:

Source: themultitaskingwoman.com

8. DIY painted rocks for garden markers:

Get Tutorial here ====> evermine.com

9. Give your little people a space of their own garden:

Get Tutorial here ====> simplesisterblog.blogspot.com

10. Place the seeds in the fingers of the glove to learn how the plants start growing:

Get Tutorial here ====> zweberfarms.com

11. This sprinkler is easy and it only takes the kids a few minutes to build:

Get Tutorial here ====> housingaforest.com

12. Attract a variety of wild birds to garden with handmade bird food garland:

Get Tutorial here ====> diynetwork.com

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