12 Cool Ways To Repurpose Old Teacups

Regardless of whether you prefer tea, coffee, or both, though, there’s no denying how beautifully decorated some teacups can be, and as soon as I see an everyday object like that, my mind immediately starts spinning with ideas on how to repurpose it and integrate it in my home. Plus, if you have any chipped teacups that you simply can’t bear to part with, here’s your chance to make something of them!

1. Homemade teacup bird feeders

Intimate Weddings

2. Teacup candles

Upcycle That

3. Rock filled tea cup succulent planters

Happily Eva After

4. Teacup garden cake topper

The Ardent Sparrow

5. Vintage teacup pin cushion

Miss Daisy

6. Stacked teacup lamp

 Twigg Studies

7. Cute DIY teacup fairy garden


8. DIY stacked teacup jewelry stand

Jewellers Academy

9. Stunning working teacup clock

Vintage Revivals

10. Floral “flying” teacups

DIY Enthusiasts

11. Teacup wine glasses

Twigg Studios

12. DIY teacup candelabra


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