12 Cute DIY Plush Toys

Check out these 12 fantastic and adorable plush toy ideas that really made us excited to get down to business in our search!

1. Koala sock plush


2. Laying cat toy

Teacup Lion.

3. Fancy octopus plush toys

Flying Mio

4. Easy bear plushie

The Crafty Muffins

5. 30 minute fuzzy bears and bunnies


6. Skinny plush sheep pattern

Little Things to Share

7. No-sew stuffed sock animals

Handmade Charlotte

8. Adorable crocheted stuffed sheep

All About Ami.

9. Easy cashmere bunnies

Betz White

10. Crocheted amigurumi monkey

Dione Design

11. DIY felted pig

 Martha Stewart

12. Huge DIY Loch Ness monster

We Lived Happily Ever After

13. DIY scrap fabric penguins

 Purl Soho

14. Cute pointy kitty

Wee Wonderfuls‘s

15. DIY stuffed superheroes

Tuts Plus

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