12 DIY Napkin Folding Techniques

You don’t need to be an origami master to get the hang of the 12 folding techniques below, but you’ll undoubtedly impress your guests with each one you test out.

The Christmas tree fold

(Source: BHG)

The T-shirt fold

(Source: iCreative Ideas)

The modern bunny ears fold

(Source: The Party Dress)

The rose fold

(Source: Oh! Crafts)

The napkin pouch fold

(Source: Living Locurto)

The double roll fold

(Source: The Party Dress)

The sushi roll fold

(Source: Giddy Gastronome)

The pinwheel fold

(Source: Howcast)

The envelope fold

(Source: Pride in Photos)

The heart fold

(Source: Nita Gill)

The French pleat

(Source: Nalata Nalata)

The elf hat fold

(Source: Fridge Check)

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