12 Fizzy Bath Bomb Tutorials

We have covered all areas with child friendly recipes to luxurious spa like bombs. Check out the full recipes by clicking on the links below…

Chocolate Bath Bomb Hearts – These cute bombs allow you to enjoy chocolate without the guilt!

Homemade White Tea Coconut Oil Bath Bombs – A recipe with a whimsical and pastel theme, these vintage playful bombs would make any bath time fun.

Simple Bath Bomb Recipe – Mix things up with this refreshingly simple recipe and incorporate your own favorite scent.

Ginger Peach Bath Bombs – This recipe allows you to colour your bath bombs and use various essential oils to create your own style.

Kid Friendly Bath Bombs – This recipe includes ingredients to make bombs that are fine for children to use, imagine their excitment as they fiz and melt around them in the bath.

Bath Fizzies – These small and delicate fizzies will transform any bath time into an indulgent treat!

Bath Bombs For Stressed Moms – A real treat for any stressed out mom, a blend of lavender will help sooth any mommy to relax.

Tangerine Bath Bombs – Combining coco butter and essential oils this tantalizing bomb will invigorate you to the max.

Winter Rose Bath Bomb – A beautifully luxurious bomb that is great for a winters day, have a long hot soak with one of these beauties.

Cheap & Easy Bath Bombs – With only 6 ingredients this is a truly quick and simple way to achieve store bought luxury.

Salty Caramel Bath Bomb – By adding  bath salts these bombs make for a real bath time treat, helping ex foliating the skin at the same time.

Apricot Bath Bombs – The customisation of these bombs are endless, this particular post celebrates apricot, but you could also try a pear one too.

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