12 Ingenious Methods For Crafting A DIY Corner Closet

Irrespective of the size of your residence, having sufficient closet space is essential. However, as time passes, the available closet space might become insufficient for storing your expanding wardrobe. This necessitates creativity, particularly if you reside in a cramped apartment or dormitory, where closet space is either scarce or non-existent.

As you survey your living quarters, you will come across several unutilized corners that can be transformed into closet space. By repurposing these neglected areas, you can obtain additional storage space for your possessions.

1. Iron Shelf Brackets and Pipes

Image Source: homedesigninspired.com

2. Shelf with Hooks for Clothes

Image via: amazinginteriordesign.com

3. Freestanding Door

Image Source: bhg.com

4. Steel Pipe

5. Wooden Pallets

More details: diyselfy.blogspot.com

6. Shelves Above Clothing Rack

7. Customized Shelves

Image Source: boiseriec.blogspot.com

8. Larger Scale of Pipe Clothing Rack

9. Ladders to a Closet

10. Curved Curtain

11. Stored IKEA Chair to Closet

12. Bookshelf Rehaul

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