12 Spooky Spider DIY Crafts

Just in case your kids are as obsessed with big Halloween spiders as ours are, if not more, check out these 15 awesome spider themed crafts that are quick and easy to make at home but fun enough to keep them occupied all evening!

1. Construction paper spider hats

Little Buggie Tutu

2. Bouncing spider craft

 Jolie Art

3. Pipe cleaner and bead spiders

Preschool Education for Kids

4. Paper plate spider webs

No Wooden Spoons

5. Paper plate handprint spiders

 I Can Teach My Child

6. Spider rice crispy treats with pretzel legs


7. Handprint spider with glitter glue web

Preschool Crafts 101

8. Paper plate, pipe cleaner, and googly eye spider

I Heart Crafty Things!

9. Man-eating toilet paper roll spider

Molly Moo Crafts

10. Mini egg carton spiders

Find Craft Ideas

11. Yarn woven pipe cleaner web

Easy Preschool Crafts

12. Balloon wrapped spider web mobile

Keeping Up With the Craft Moms

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