14 Amazing DIY Collar Necklaces

Pick up your favourite below and wear it on any occasion because this fashion accessory is acceptable with all fashion combinations. Enjoy!

1. Multi-coloured beaded necklace

Cut Out and Keep

2. Neon rope and chain necklace


3. Chunky pearl bib necklace

Cut Out and Keep

4. DIY chain collar necklace

Fash & Rolla

5. Elegant pearl cluster collar necklace

Smitten Kitten Loves.

6. DIY vintage button collar necklace

Cut Out and Keep

7. Pearl, lace, and ribbon bib necklace

DS Mee Bee

8. Upcycled tie and chunky bead necklace

Art Star

9. DIY seed bead collar

La Poubelle

10. DIY lace doily collar necklace

The Modernette

11. DIY rhinestoned statement collar necklace

Love Maegan

12. DIY paper necklace tutorial

Booksmith Studio

13. Button bib necklace

Nikki In Stitches.

14. Banana Republic inspired crystal bib necklace

Smart n’ Snazzy

15. Rope and chunky gem necklace

I Spy DIY.

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