14 Amazing DIY Face Scrubs

Whether you’re looking for a deep exfoliation or an option that cleanses your skin at the same time, these are the best exfoliating face scrubs that customers say will leave your face feeling squeaky clean.

1. Chocolate and sugar face scrub

Homemade for Elle

2. Honey and brown sugar scrub

Hello Glow

3. Green tea face and body scrub

Dear Crissy.

4. Ginger and coconut oil sugar scrub for face and body

 Food For My Family

5. Lemon and sugar face scrub

Homemade for Elle

6. Pumpkin spice sugar face scrub

 Oleander and Palm

7. Honey and blueberry face scrub

You Beauty

8. Vanilla rose body and face scrub

A Pumpkin and A Princess.

9. Adzuki bean faces scrub

Berlin’s Whimsy

10. Banana and sugar face and body scrub

I Am Not the Babysitter

11. Cucumber face and body scrub

Dear Crissy

12. Oatmeal and bentonite clay scrub for oily, acne prone skin

 Root and Reveal

13. Aloe green tea face scrub

Sweet Simple Living

14. Glowing turmeric face scrub

Hello Glow

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