14 Amazing DIY Pasta Dishes

Check out the 14 basic homemade pasta recipes below that’ll make your weekend date night one to rival Lady’s.

1. Curry spaghetti noodles

Pure Wow

2. Black and white pasta


3. Laminated basil pasta with garlic brown butter sauce

Just A Taste

4. Baked zucchini “ziti” spirals with mozzarella

Pure Wow!

5. Pizza pasta bake

Eclectic Recipes

6. Meatball parm subs with deep fried pasta

Food & Wine

7. Lasagna soup

Pure Wow.

8. Chocolate pasta with chocolate hazelnut cream sauce, white chocolate shavings, and fresh berries

 Cooking Channel

9. Three cheese Italian rigatoni pie

One Little Project

10. Peanut noodles

The Girl Who Ate Everything

11. Gnocchi macaroni and cheese

Pure Wow!

12. Avocado mac and cheese

Eats Well With Others.

13. Squid ink spaghetti with shrimp and white truffle oil

 Lemons and Anchovies.

14. Butternut squash lasagna


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