14 Amazing DIY Slime For Kids

Read on to find out all the best slime-making recipes and learn how to make slime in the comfort of your own home…

1. Sparkling purple galaxy slime

Happy Toy Time

2. Glittering rainbow slime

DIY Projects for Teens!

3. Birthday cake confetti slime

Mom Luck

4. Edible Starburst candy slime

Teach Beside Me

5. Ocean slime

Buggy and Buddy!

6. Beauty and The Beast slime

As The Bunny Hops

7. 3-ingredient ultimate fluffy slime

Mom Dot

8. Soda pop slime

One Savvy Mom

9. Cotton candy slime

Savvy Naturalista made this recipe that, while not edible or the same in taste, smells just like the sugary sweet treat.

10. Mermaid slime

Savvy Naturalista

10. Mermaid slime

The Nerd’s Wife!

11. Monster slime

Lemon Lime Adventures

12. Fluffy sand slime

Mom Dot

13. Super simple, super stretchy slime

 Steam Powered Family

14. Water bead slime

I Can Teach My Child

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