14 Amazing Spring Shawl Knitting Patterns

Regardless of experience level, we’re sure you’ll love many of the Spring Shawl Knitting Patterns profiled below. The hardest part might just be deciding which one to knit up first.

1. Finally Spring shawl

Noble Knits

2. Spring Rain shawl

Love Knitting

3. Tree of Light spring shawl

Cordula Surmann-Schmitt

4. Signs of Spring eyelet shawl

This Man Knits

5. Lace Triangle shawl

Knifty Knittings

6. Spring Vibes shawl

Darn Good Yarn

7. Spring Break lace edge shawl

Jolly Knits

8. Spring Carnival shawl

Emily Walton

9. Zaden spring shawl

Very Pink Knits

10. The Joys of Spring shawl

 Cowgirl Blues

11. Spring Cleaning shawl

Knitting Today

12. Ode to Spring shawl

Emmy Couture

13. As Spring Arrives shawl

Verily Knits

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