14 Awesome DIY Hairstyles

No time to think up a new hairstyle, but sick of wearing your hair loose all the time? Then these lifehacks are what you need.

1. The tuck and cover

Missy Sue

2. The messy French twist


3. The waterfall braid

 Luxy Hair.

4. The rosebud braided bun

Makeup Wearables Hairstyles

5. The two strand Boho braid

Our Body Book

6. The loose Bohemian side braid

The Wonder Forest! 

7. The whimsical fish braid hairband

Fashion Trend Seeker

8. The cotton candy bun

Nichole Ciotti

9. The lovely braided half updo

Yet Another Beauty Site

10. The fish tail mermaid braid

More Beauty.

11. The bouffant bun

Freckled Fox

12. The simple daisy headband

U Create Crafts

13. The headband hair bow

Makeup Wearables Hairstyles

14. The faux blowout

Alex Gaboury

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