14 Awesome DIY Shirts

Get some friends together and make a party of it this summer. A top teen DIY craft for a reason, everyone should try at least one T-shirt makeover.

1. Cutout Denim

A Pair And A Spare

2. Circle Knit Top

Honest To Nod.

3. Geo Cuts

Brit + Co

4. Gathered Cami

The Essentials Club

5. Tied Linen Wrap

A Pair & A Spare

6. Graphics


7. Lace Up Sweatshirt

A Beautiful Mess

8. Distressing


9. Gathered Top

Cotton & Curls.

10. Bow Ties

It’s Always Autumn

11. Flannel Shirt Dress

A Beautiful Mess

12. Embellished Tees

Polkadot Chair

13. Twisted Back

Brit + Co

14. Peplum

Love Maegan

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