14 Awesome Ways To Upcycle Old Phones

In this post, we’re going to share various gadgets you can convert your old Android device into, along with the procedures or apps that will help you do it. Let’s check them out.

1. Intercom system from old corded phones


2. Working wooden DIY cell phone

Wonder How To

3. DIY lamp from a rotary phone

 Smart Beast

4. DIY smartphone microscope

Mates Lab

5. Old phone batteries into power banks


6. Old smartphone to portable phone charger

My Update Studio

7. Old phone to night vision camera

Bokin DIY

8. Old phone to action camera

Victor Neamtu

9. Smartphone to security camera

Ground Effect RC & Tech

10. Old Android phone to standalone music player

Phandroid turned their old phone into a standalone MP3 player that’s entirely centred around just giving you the music you love in one place.

11. Old phone to smart watch


12. DIY smartphone projector from an old phone and cardboard

Tech Builder

13. Vintage phone wall art

Inspiration & Realization!

14. Stopwatch from a smartphone


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