14 Creative DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorials

I’ve got a different kind of DIY from the usual that’s just in time for the warm weather: a picnic blanket!

1. Giant embroidered picnic blanket

Lovely Indeed

2. DIY waterproof quilted picnic blanket

The Homesteady

3. 15-minute rolling picnic blanket

Lil’ Luna

4. DIY watermelon picnic blanket

The House That Lars Built

5. Stamped patterned picnic blanket

Almost Makes Perfect

6. Pocket festival blanket

Mr. Kate

7. Patchwork sweater blanket

 Alisa Burke.

8. Ombre dyed blanket

Ink Meets Paper

9. Upcycled jeans quilt

Andrea’s Notebook

10. Shibori style dyed blanket

Say Yes

11. Folding travel picnic blanket

Tried and True

12. Painter’s canvas picnic blanket

A Subtle Revelry!

13. Mod hand painted picnic blanket

 Small Fry

14. DIY jumbo tasseled picnic rug

A Pair and A Spare

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