14 DIY Lace Doilies Crafts

You can use crocheted doilies for any of the following projects, but paper ones will work just as well. They aren’t very expensive, and you can find handmade doilies for pennies at a thrift shop. Paper ones are for sale at the dollar store or your big box hobby store.

1. DIY lace doily bowl

Positively Splendid

2. Colourful sun crochet coaster pattern

 Fave Crafts

3. Spring doily table runner

Sadie Seasongoods!

4. Upcycled crochet doily tote bag

DIY Clothes

5. DIY doily wall art

Mod Podge Rocks.

6. Lace doily t-shirt

By Hand London!

7. Lace doily garland

C Jane Create

8. DIY lace doily shoes

Makezine used their Mod Podge skills to cover a pair of shoes in lace from brightly coloured doilies!

9. Doily covered lamp shade

A Beautiful Mess

10. Doily imprinted salt dough ornaments

Dishfunctional Designs

11. DIY lace doily globe lamp

 Dos Family

12. Lace doily curtains


13. Lace doily luminaries

Crafts By Amanda

 14. DIY lace doily apron

Craft Unleashed

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