14 DIY Projects Using Hangers

I wondered about maybe throwing a few of them out but then I thought, why not turn them into DIY projects? I’m always up for a good repurpose project, so maybe there is something that I can make from those hangers, right?

1. Hanger as a magazine rack


2. Hanger as a glasses stand

SF Girl

3. Wire hanger ribbon organizer

Happily Ever Crafter

4. Coat hanger jewelry holder

 I Spy DIY

5. Coat hanger hook rack

A Little Glass Box

6. Coat hanger dish rack


7. Flip flop hangers


8. Coat hanger photo display

Organized Clutter

9. Deer hanger wall hangers

Das Rote

10. Wire hanger faux metal scrolls

Beth’s Lemonade

11. Coat hanger decor tree


12. Coat hanger gift display

Frydog Design

13. Neon embroidery wrapped no-slip hangers

Brit + Co.

14. DIY glam clothes hangers

Same Chick, Different Day

15. DIY cityscape wire hanger piece


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