15 Adorable DIY Dog Clothes

What’s more fun than dressing up in costume? Dressing up your dog in clothes!

1. Canine Carhartt dog coat


2. DIY doggie shirt with a bowtie


3. Pet coat from an old plaid shirt


Sew Doggy Style!

4. Lined dog jacket from a recycled denim jacket


5. Upcycled dog sweater from an old knit sweater


6. DIY dog hoodie

 Smart Dog Lover

7. DIY dog shirt and skirt from a dollar store baby bib

 Love Pets DIY

8. Lovely crocheted dog sweater

Maria’s Blue Crayon

9. DIY doggie dress shirt collar

 The Cheerful Times

10. Fuzzy lined home sewn pup coat


11. Tiny puppy sweater from a recycled sock


12. Easy small dog sweater from a big knitted sweater sleeve

 Vo Knits

13. Insulated DIY dog booties

 Barley Bons

14. Funny, frivolous dog scarf

Grateful Prayer, Thankful Heart

15. Easy to sew dog cape

Cooking for Dogs

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