15 Amazing DIY Pet Bed Ideas

Our cat and dog are often curled up in the most amusing places in the home, and we can’t help but think that they don’t look their most comfortable in the laundry basket or the box we just unwrapped something from.

1. DIY knotted fleece pet bed

The Honest Kitchen

2. Beside table pet house

Woodshop Diaries

3. Woven and raised pet bed

Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

4. DIY side table cushion bed

86 Lemons

5. Covered pillow pallet bed

Prodigal Pieces.

6. No-sew pet bed made from old jeans

Heart Dogs

7. T-shirt cat tent


8. Little pet teepee

Fudge and Joy!

9. Covered foam cat cushion


10. Cardboard pet rocket


11. Retro doggie sofa

Cut Out and Keep

12. Suitcase dog bed with a toy tub

Craft Your Happiness

13. Painted tire doggie bed

Practically Functional

14. Dog murphy bed

Little Houses, Bog Dogs

15. Rope bowl cat bed

Lia Griffith

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