15 Amazing DIY Photo Collage Ideas

Capturing life’s beautiful and memorable moments is best done through pictures, and it’s no surprise that people often amass large collections of these captured memories. However, have you ever considered using these digital images to add a new and interesting look to your home decor? Look no further than these 15 unique DIY photo collage ideas that are both calming and trendy, and won’t cost you a thing. Whether you want to personalize your private spaces like bedrooms and dorm rooms, or change up the look of your entire living space, these photo collage ideas are the best, most unique, and affordable way to achieve it all. Simply gather a bunch of your favorite photos and attach them to the walls of your bedroom, dorm room, or hallway, transforming them into beautiful wall art pieces.

There are many ways to affix the photos to the walls, such as arranging them in a heart shape or a gallery, or attaching them to wooden frames and coffee tables for a standout display. Students can even display multiple images in a garland style or above their study desks to keep things interesting. Another fun idea is to glue the pictures to your name’s letters for a funky layout. So, try these ideas out at home using collage makers and impress your neighbors and friends with your creative skills.

1. DIY Family Photo Collage


2. How to Make a Photo Collage


3. DIY Travel Photo Collage


4. Instagram Photos Collage


5. Letters Photo Collage


6. Heart Shaped Wall Photo Collage


7. Exploded Photo Collage


8. Craft Stick Photo Collage


9. Rainbow Photo Collage


10. Sewn Photo Collage


11. DIY Planked Photo Collage


12. DIY Photo Collage on Wood


13. Collage Frame of Baby Photos


14. DIY Photo Collage


15. Dollar Tree Family Picture Collage


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