15 Amazing DIY T-Shirt Art Ideas

You can turn the tee into a cool beach cover, a cool vest shot, or cute small top. Other amazing yet easy tricks involve the painting, dyeing, sharpie art and bleaching with your favorite images like flowers, feathers, art sketches etc and the shirts would look totally jazzed up.

Bleach Stamp Pad DIY T-shirt: Bleached Flowers

Image: makezine

Feather Stamp T-shirt:

Image: glamradar

White Stag Women’s Skort:

Image: officialtonypotts

Chevron T-shirt:

Image: diyprojectsforteens

Abstract T-Shirt Art Sharpie, Tie Dye T-shirt:

Image: youputitup

Closing Vest Shot:

Image: katescreativespace

Stamped T-shirt:

Image: glamradar

T-shirt Stamping:

Image: glamradar

Fabric Transfer Paint Project:

Image: shrimpsaladcircus.blogspot

Sharpie T-shirt:

Image: homedecorluxe

Artwork Shirt:

Image: craftaholicsanonymous.net

Sharpie Stained T-Shirts:

Image: livingwellspendingless

Bleached T-shirt: Galaxy Cat Shirt

Image: loveitsomuch

Watercolor T-Shirt:

Image: wordpress

Amazing Bleached T-shirt: Abstract Idea

Image: glamradar

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