15 Amazing Recipes Made With Marshmallows

If you’re looking for creative and tasty ways to enjoy the classic campfire treat, check out these mouth-watering recipes starring ooey, gooey marshmallows.

1. Healthy homemade marshmallow recipe

Wellness Mama.

2. Gin and tonic marshmallows

Recipes Made Easy

3. Homemade chocolate marshmallows

Self Proclaimed Foodie

4. Toasted marshmallow Golden Graham S’mores bars

American Heritage Cooking

5. Maple bacon S’mores

 Kitchen Konfidence

6. Mississippi mud brownies

Bev Cooks

7. Chocolate marshmallow cookie sandwiches

Add A Pinch

8. Caramel marshmallow popcorn

 Lil’ Luna

9. Easy red velvet fudge using mini marshmallows

Life’s Little Sweets

10. Chocolate covered caramel marshmallows

Ashlee Marie!

11. Marshmallow fruit salad

Mom Spark

12. Candied yams

 The Little GSP.

13. Homemade marshmallow ice cream

52 Kitchen Adventures!

14. Strawberry marshmallow jelly cake

Simple Indulgence

15. Peach and marshmallow dessert

Vintage Frills

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