15 Amazing Wire Jewelry Designs

Check out these 15 gorgeous wire jewelry designs that make great starter projects (and a few to challenge yourself with too)!

1. Wire heart necklace

Byte Sized Pieces

2. Easy folded wire ring

Jewelry Making Journal 

3. Swirled ring with pearl beads

Crafting Wire 

4. Wire name bracelet

Why Don’t You Make Me

5. Butterfly pendant


6. Zen spiral pendant

Jewelry Making Journal 

7. Wire lashed bead bangles

Rings & Things 

8. Stone leaf and wire pendant

Jewelry Making Daily 

9. Woven wire bracelet

Cricket Capers 

10. Wire wrapped buffed stone pendants


11. Wiggly bent wire earrings


12. Wire wrapped hoops and crystal beads

Designs by Dawn Marie 

13. Wire birch leaf earrings

Wire Jewelry 

14. Ironwork pendant

Wire Jewelry

15. Tiny, easy beaded pendants


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  1. Zadok

    Wow! These wire jewelry designs are incredible. The creativity and craftsmanship are truly impressive. Each piece is so unique and beautiful, making them perfect for adding a special touch to any outfit.

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