15 Awesome Hand Painting Tutorials

We have many painting projects and ideas here for inspiration, many of which can be done outside in the garden to minimize mess!

1. Sponge dotted art

Dabbles and Babbles.

2. Sponge letter greeting pop art

Hi Spy DIY

3. Abstract watercolour flowers


4. Letter peeled music lyric art

A Beautiful Mess

5. Textured sea and sand beach painting

Artsy Chicks Rule

6. Tape and paint herringbone art

 I Should Be Mopping the Floor

7. Swiped abstract paintings

The Creativity Exchange!

8. Quote, colour ombre, and silhouette painting

Silhouette America

9. Ombre Mandala painting


10. Agate inspired acrylic painting

Jennifer Rizzo

11. Simple hand painted daisy detail

Pamela Groppe!

12. Hand painted dandelion details

From My Little Pink Couch

13. Geometric metallic painting

 Sum of Their Stories

14. Shabby hand painted roses on wood

Pamela Groppe

15. Spattered stars in a moonlit flower-scape


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