15 Cool Yarn Projects

Below you can find our favorite yarn Halloween crafts which, as you’ll see for yourself, are not just easy to also very fun to make.

1. Quick and easy yarn tassels

Red Ted Art

2. Pretty pastel wall hanging

Sweetest Digs

3. Yarn wrapped cereal box photo frame

Hazel and Company

4. Cute yarn bird

Cut Out and Keep

5. Easy finger knitting butterfly

Red Ted Art

6. Yarn Dorset buttons

Studio Knit!

7. Yarn hat ornament

Felt Magnet

8. Yarn wrapped farm animals

Little Hands Crafting

9.  DIY decorative yarn balls

Cut Out and Keep!

10. DIY ball of yarn wreath

Michaeli Marler

11. Yarn woven Christmas ornaments

Live, Craft, Eat

12. Macrame yarn garlands

Smile and Wave DIY

13. Easy woven yarn cups

Fave Crafts

14. Long perfect beaded tassels

TL Yarn Crafts

15. Brushed yarn tutorial for amigurumi

Chrisette Designs

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