15 Creative DIY Phone Accessories

Sorry, did we say that you can buy these accessories? Well, we’re not wrong, but you can probably guess that buying them isn’t what we’re going to do! Check out these 15 awesome tablet and smartphone accessories that you can make yourself instead.

1. Pencil and elastic tablet stand

Eyes On Rhi.

2. Cardboard phone dock

Dessine Moi un Objet

3. Binder clip phone stand


4. Ikea bracket tablet stand

Ikea Hackers

5. Leather envelope case

Design Sponge

6. Leather phone case with card slot

Kojo Designs.

7. Gift ribbon and glitter phone case

Design Sponge 

8. Popsicle phone cases

Straight Stitch Society 

9. Buttoning felt and fabric phone case

Dark Blck 

10. Crochet monster phone case

Genuine Mud Pie

11. Wood and leather case with pen holder

Patrick Ng.

12. Hard cover book laptop case


13. Scalloped edge felt tablet case

Oh So Lovely Vintage

14. Homemade tablet stylus

15. Homemade tablet projector

The King of Random.

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