15 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Cutting Boards

Here’s a shockingly useful list of 15 ways to repurpose your old cutting boards in the category of things you probably didn’t know how to upgrade!

1. Chalk cutting board

Mac Cutting Boards

2. Stenciled board

Snug Harbor Bay‘s

3. Cutting board note clips

Beckwith’s Treasures 

4. Breadboard shelf

Organized Clutter 

5. Completely chalk board

Love Grows Wild 

6. Reclaimed cutting board wall art

My Creative Days 

7. Cutting board quotes

On a Whim 

8. Rustic cutting board wall hanging

9. Decoupage cutting board


10. Hand-painted cutting board


11. Themed quote cutting board


12. Kitchen gadget cutting board wall art


13. Cutting board serving tray


14. Cutting board TV shelf

Delightfully, Kristi.

15. Cutting board tool caddy


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