15 Fence Gap Filler Ideas That Are Practical, Efficient, and Affordable

Here are 15 practical and inexpensive fence gap fillers that provide excellent benefits. These methods are effective for filling fence gaps.

1. Add Platforms

2. Barred Up

You can shove metal bars deep down into the ground to close the gap in your fence

3. A Mini Garden

If you want to learn how to use plants to cover the fence gap, you can follow this simple method.

4. Brick It

You can cover minor fence gaps using brick lining. Various types of bricks can be used to make the design colorful.

5. Hedging Your Bets

Do you want to learn how to use hedges to help create a solid barrier that fills the fence gap efficiently? This hedging idea is the best choice

6. Gone Gravelly

Use gravel effectively to close the gaps in your fence. This fence gap idea helps you fill the ditches and dips easily.

7. Build That Wall

You can build a stone wall facade to get rid of the gaps in your wall. It requires more effort and time compared to other simple methods.

8. Cement Terracing

Learn how to use cement terracing to offer the best protection to your fence.

9. Add A Kickboard

This method teaches you how to add mold and water-resistant wooden panel kickboard to fill the gaps in your fence.

10. Add A Mini Gate

Cover fence gaps using a mini gate. You can use lumber and metal clips to make this gate.

13. Go For A Bottom Lattice

Fence holes can be covered using a bottom lattice. This idea puts forward a practical method to get the job done.

14. Anchor Your Posts

You can make a boxed anchor that is filled with stones to cover holes. Concrete is also a good choice.

15. Wired Up

This method talks about adding chicken wire around the fence base to cover holes.

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