15 Unique DIY Fabric Projects

These cute and small sewing projects use scraps of different sizes-some big some small, but all involve ideas of cute, creative, easy and fun things to do with fabric scraps! I hope you love these simple scrap fabric projects!

1. Fabric card envelopes

The DIY Dreamer 

2. Sprocket pillow

Cluck Cluck Sew 

3. Fabric wrapped owl box

Jo Ann Fabric.

4. Big fabric beads

Encourage Fashion

5. Fabric and clothespin Christmas wreath

Thinkter shows you how to create a decorative wreath from Christmas patterned fabric, or even just fabric that’s the right colours for a fun Christmas aesthetic! Use shiny Christmas garland and clothes pins painted a cheerful bright red.

6. Fabric accent sneakers

A Little Craft in Your Day

7. Jagged edged fabric bookmark

7 Layer Studio!

8. Fabric hot and cold packs

Bee in My Bonnet

9. DIY holiday gnomes

Made in a Day 

10. Fabric origami box


11. Twisted turban headband

Honey Bee Vintage

12. DIY water colour table linens

Brit + Co. 

13. Fabric strip decorative wreath

Southern Priss Designs!

14. Handmade rag rug

Our Everyday Art 

15. Fabric wall art

Diva of DIY.

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