20 Amazing DIY Halloween Masks

From cardboard to felt to paper maché masterpieces, these creative mask ideas will keep you and your children entertained this Halloween – at least when it comes to your faces. After you’ve put these amusing masks together, all you need to do is choose a basic dress to complete the appearance.

1. Cute DIY Bird Mask

Tutorial/Source: marthastewart

2. Easy DIY Black And Gold Mask

Tutorial/Source: theflairexchange

3. Black Cat Mask

Tutorial/Source: marthastewart

4. Call Of Duty Ghost Mask

Tutorial/Source: halloween-ideas

5. Easy And Festive Carnavale Masks

Tutorial/Source: artbarblog

6. Creatures Of The Night Printable Masks

Tutorial/Source: mrprintables

7. DIY Feathered Masquerade Mask

Tutorial/Source: youngbirdblog

8. Cute DIY Kid’s Frog Mask

Tutorial/Source: mylittle3andme

9. Crocheted Masquerade Mask

Tutorial/Source: darice

10. Grumpy Cat Mask

Tutorial/Source: snowdropandcompany

11. Hot Glue Ice Queen Mask

Tutorial/Source: fabartdiy

12. Cute Lace Bunny Mask

Tutorial/Source: makemylemonade

13. DIY Paper Lion Mask

Tutorial/Source: mermag

14. Adorable DIY Mustache Mask

15. Easy DIY Pearl Mask

Tutorial/Source: freepeople

16. Upcycled Milk Jug Mask

Tutorial/Source: designboom elmundodelreciclaje

17. Gorgeous DIY Sugar Skull Mask

Tutorial/Source: handmadecharlotte

18. Upcycled Cardboard Box Mask

19. White Flower DIY Halloween Mask

Tutorial/Source: snapguide

20. DIY Woodland Creatures Masks

Tutorial/Source: hoosierhomemade

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