20 DIY Ideas For Decorative Downspout Landscapes

From incorporating plants and flowers to creating unique and eye-catching designs, these ideas will help you create a decorative downspout landscape that enhances the beauty of your home.

1. Watering Your Raised Garden with Rainwater

raised vegetable garden filled with gravel

2. A rainwater barrel can have a decorative feature:

flower planter with blooming flowers.

Tutorial: hgtv.com

3. Repurpose watering cans as downspouts for gutters:


4. Create a dry creek bed drainage canal for downspouts:

Tutorial: growingthehomegarden.com    Image via: prairiebreak.blogspot.com

5. An underground water catch basin can prevent problems with downspout runoff:

6. Build a rain-harvesting vertical garden:

Image via: designindaba.com

7. Decorative splash blocks can be added to downspouts

8. Rainwater can be directed into a pool using a rainslide:

9. Construct a downspout rain garden using stacked rocks:

10. Use a “Bucket Brigade” downspout planter to collect rainwater:

Image via: emswcd.org

11. A rock garden feature can utilize water from a downspout:

Image via:  tanglycottage.wordpress.com

12. Consider using a rain chain instead of a traditional downspout:

13. Use a giant galvanized stock tank as a rain barrel:

Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

14. A Black Pebble Dry Creek With Rocks

15. A Long Stream Downspout Landscaping

16. Downspout Planter

Image via: mechanicsburgborough.org   &   dubcitybeta.wordpress.com   &   phillywatersheds.org

17. Rainwater can flow over the gutter downspout and down a rain chain:

17. A living rainwater barrel can come with beautiful planter boxes:

Image via: searchaustinhomes.com

Image via: artandlindaswildflowers.com

Image via: valeaston.typepad.com

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