20+ Creative Easter Egg Ideas

Most of these ideas are accompanied with a link to the full tutorial on how to get the look. Click on the title of each egg you are interested to be taken to the original tutorial.

1. Decoupage Floral Easter Eggs


Image source: Smile & Style

This tutorial is in a different language, but you can create gorgeous decoupage eggs using several of the tutorials in this round-up.

2. Lace Wrapped Dyed Easter Eggs


Image source: Martha Stewart

Secure pieces of lace, or lace ribbon to your eggs before dying to create gorgeous lace eggs.

3. Robin’s Egg Blue & White Painted Easter Eggs


Image source: Unknown

Cover your eggs in stickers before dying to create patterns or polka dots on your eggs. You can also paint designs directly onto your dyed eggs.

4. Floral Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs


Image source: Craft & Creativity

It’s time to stock up on pretty paper cocktail napkins! Here is another great tutorial on how to decoupage eggs using napkins and mod podge.

5. Blueberry Dyed Easter Egg with Herb Silhouette


Image Source: HollyBeth Organics

To create a deep blue try mixing chopped red cabbage and frozen blueberries together in a large bowl. Add 4 cups of boiling water and 2T white vinegar to the bowl. Place eggs in mixture and allow the mixture to color the eggshells. Allowing the eggs to remain in the mixture overnight in the refrigerator will produce the deepest shades of blue.

6. Painted Brown Eggs

Painted Brown Eggs

Image Source: Kaley Ann

Natural brown eggs can be dressed up with a white paint pen. Simply draw your designs directly onto your hard boiled eggs.

7. Blue and White Egg-white Decoupage Napkin Easter Eggs


Image source: Au Petit Gout

Did you know that you can use egg whites for an all-natural decoupage glue? Cut out your paper napkin designs and use a small brush dipped in egg-white to adhere the designs to the eggshell.

8. Watercolor Easter Eggs


Image source: Craftberry Bush

If you have artistic talent, then try your hand at creating some watercolor designs directly onto your Easter eggs.

9. Lilac Easter Eggs


Image source: Nelly Vintage Home

Create ombre’ Easter eggs in various shades of the same color by allowing your eggs to soak in the dye for increasingly longer amounts of time. I love the idea of creating eggs in shades of lavender and pairing them with lilacs.

10. Egg White Decoupage Easter Eggs


Image source: LRF

Here is another great tutorial for creating egg-white decoupaged Easter Eggs!

11. Mustachioed Easter Eggs


Image source: GCD Studios

These were so cute I just had to include them! Use scrapbook paper and a black sharpie to create these mustachioed eggs.

12. Cabbage-Dyed Edible Robin’s Eggs


Image source: Honesty Yum

Looking for a gorgeous all-natural way to dye your eggs? Try this recipe and tutorial for creating these edible gold flecked “Robin’s eggs”.

13. Confetti Easter Eggs 


Image source: ForRent.com

Tissue paper and mod-podge is all you need to create these eggs that are ready to party!

14. Paint Pen Easter Eggs


Image source: BHG

To create this look, use metallic paint pens and draw designs on your dyed eggs.

15. DIY Nail Polish Marbleized Eggs


Image source: Camille Styles

Create gorgeous marble eggs using your old nail polish and a bowl of water! This is one I’ve always wanted to try.

16. Watercolor Dyed Easter Eggs


Image source: Spoon Fork Bacon

These watercolor eggs are made by drizzling dye onto the eggs and allowing each layer to dry before proceeding to the next color. Check out the tutorial for all of the step-by-steps!

17. Splattered Easter Eggs (less mess)


Instead of using a small paintbrush to speckle your eggs, try this creative method! Place food dye on beans in the bottom of a plastic cup and roll your egg over the beans to create a splattered effect.

18. DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs


Image source: Little Inspiration

Dye your easter eggs, cover eggs in gold leaf, and then remove a little of the gold leaf to reveal the beautiful colors underneath.

19. Gold Leaf Easter Eggs


Image source: Sugar and Charm

To create this cute egg, draw a bunny design on your egg in pencil, trace over the design in gold leaf glue, and then place you gold leaf on top of the design. For more tips, check out the original tutorial.

20. Herb Stenciled Easter Eggs


Use herbs and flowers as stencils by securing sections of pantyhose over your herbs and then dying the eggs. I think they look beautiful just like this!

21. Silhouette Easter Egg Tutorial


Image source: Jennuine

Create vintage-chic silhouette eggs using this method!

22. Stamped Easter Eggs


Image source: Herz-Allerliebst

Stamp your Easter eggs to create simple and beautiful designs.

23. Decoupage Napkin Eggs


Image source: SewforSoul

Decoupage strips of book pages onto eggs and then use cut-out paper napkin designs over the script.

24. Handwriting or Autograph Easter Eggs


Image source: DaWanda

If you have neat handwriting, use a fine-tipped Sharpie marker to create these eggs.

25. Doodle Sharpie Easter Eggs


Image source: Alisa Burke

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