21 Fun Crochet Table Runner Ideas With Free Patterns

Explore 21 imaginative crochet table runner ideas with complimentary patterns to enhance your dining decor. Whether you’re a crochet enthusiast or a beginner, these designs offer endless possibilities for adding a touch of handmade charm to your tabletops. Get inspired and start crafting your own unique table runners today!

Snowflake Crochet Table Runner for Winter:


Quick and Colorful Crochet Table Runner:


Playful Puff Dreams Crochet Table Runner:


Thanksgiving Crochet Table Runner:


Festive Crochet Table Runner for the Holidays:


ABC Knitting Patterns

Flowery Table Runner

Armarinho Sao Jose

Puff Pineapple Table Runner

Tejiendo Perú on Youtube

Fall Table Runner

Red Heart

Snowflake Table Runner

Fave Crafts 

Linen Stitch Table Runner

the Unraveled Mitten

Lacy Flower Runner

Art oft Angle

Poinsettia Flower Runner

Las Maravillas del Crochet

Holly Table Runner

Red Heart

Starburst Table Runner

Coats Design Team on Ravelry

Crochet Spiral Table Runner

Alextitia Tuto Crochet on Youtube

Fractional Spiral Table Runner

Alextitia Tuto Crochet on Youtube

3D Rose Flower Table Runner

Milagros Ena

Bohemia Valley Table Runner

Creative Crochet Workshop

Hexagonal Table Runner


Flower Power Table Runner


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