Awesome DIY Clothing Hacks Ideas

If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to customize your jean shorts, or turn your boring t-shirt into a pretty one, these are the hacks for you. Check out these DIY Clothing Hacks that anyone can do:

20 Minute Cinch Tee


20 Minute Cinch Tee (via Sweet Verbena)

2 Knotted Tee


Knotted Tee (via Life is Beautiful)

3 Cute Top with Lace


Cute Top with Lace (via Michele Ng)

4 Ruffled Cardigan


Ruffled Cardigan: Convert an old long sleeved shirt into this sweet Ruffled Cardigan. This is a great way to upcycle a shirt that no longer fits, or to update your wardrobe for pennies on the dollar. This is an easy project for any level of sewist. (via

5 Shirt with Tiny Ruffles


Shirt with Tiny Ruffles (via Tea Rose Home)

6 Tee-Shirt Halter


Tee-Shirt Halter (via WobiSobi)

7 Cut Out Neckline Tee


Cut Out Neckline Tee: DIY Quick Gift . Free tutorial with pictures on how to cut-up a top in under 40 minutes by not sewing with scissors, t shirt, and cardstock. How To posted by Jenna C. Difficulty: Simple. Cost: Cheap. Steps: 7 (via Cut Out and Keep)

8 Raceback Workout Shirt


Raceback Workout Shirt (via Blogilates)

9 No Sew, Lattice, Stud T-shirt


No Sew, Lattice, Stud T-shirt (via WobiSobi)

10 Gucci Inspired Cut-Out T-Shirt


Gucci Inspired Cut-Out T-Shirt: Easy t-shirt DIY inspired by Heidi Klum’s Gucci dress (via …love Maegan)

11 Bow Back T-Shirt


Bow Back T-Shirt (via College Fashion)

12 Ruffled Tube Top


Ruffled Tube Top: If one is good then two is better. Here’s a girlied up version of my previous post T-Shirt into Summer Top DIY. This time around its so simple, in less than an hour you can have a cute Summer top with minimal sewing. VIEW DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS > To see the step by step instructions and photos… (via TiB)

13 Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover-up


Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover-up (via Adventures of a Middle Sister)

14 Neon T-shirt Reconstruction


Neon T-shirt Reconstruction (via Can Can Dancer)

15 Cross Cut Out T-Shirt


Cross Cut Out T-Shirt (via the daile lele)

16 Butterfly Twist Tee


Butterfly Twist Tee (via Trash to Couture)

17 Slashed Tee


Slashed Tee (via WobiSobi)

18 Angel Wings Cut Out Tee


Angel Wings Cut Out Tee: A creative way to cut up your tee . Free tutorial with pictures on how to cut-up a top in under 30 minutes by not sewing with scissors, shirt, and pens. Inspired by crafts, gothic, and vintage & retro. How To posted by Judy. Difficulty: Simple. Cost… (via Cut Out and Keep)

19 Ombre Tank


Ombre Tank (via Vita Dolce)

20 Racer Back Tee


Racer Back Tee (via WobiSobi)

21 Braided Back Shirt


Braided Back Shirt: Here is my promised tutorial on how to do this shirt: 4. Cut each of those three sections into (via Living with Jane)

22 The Rib Cage/Spine Tee


The Rib Cage/Spine Tee (via Cotton Candy Castle)

23 Woven-Back Tee


Woven-Back Tee (via Mindless Obsessions)

24 balenciaga Inspired Crop Top


balenciaga Inspired Crop Top: You may have guessed that the Balenciaga SS13 collection was by far the most inspiring for me this season when it comes to potential DIY projects (remember this?). Its so funny, as soon as I saw this crop top on the runway more than 6 months ago I knew it was going to be a project I would try… (via A Pair and a Spare)

25 Jersey Weave Sweatshirt


Jersey Weave Sweatshirt (via The Forge)

26 Fabric Flower T-Shirt Refashion


Fabric Flower T-Shirt Refashion (via Sarahndipities)

27 Puzzling Shirt


Puzzling Shirt (via Small Things)

28 Pussy-bow T-shirt


Pussy-bow T-shirt: I love refashioning t-shirts. I kinda wish we had started this blog last year in the embellish your tee explosion, because I had so many ideas! (And I made a lot of them, too)Now, with evolving trends, not as many possibilities HOWEVER Inspired by Glees Emma Pillsbury LOVE her style, as well as this Banana Republic(…) (via iCandy Handmade)

29 Necktie Tie


Necktie Tie (via McKell’s Closet)

30 Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse


Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse (via Recycled Lovelies)

31 Ruffled Shirt


Ruffled Shirt (via Tea Rose Home)

32 Shirt Dress


Shirt Dress (via Button Lovers)

33 The Supersize Braid T-shirt Hack


The Supersize Braid T-shirt Hack: diy blog (via My white Idea DIY)

34 Vintage Lace Inset T-shirt


Vintage Lace Inset T-shirt (via The Forge)

35 No Sew, T-Shirt Vest


No Sew, T-Shirt Vest (via WobiSobi)

36 Oversized Cropped Tank


Oversized Cropped Tank: Easily make this cute oversized tank vest from an old T-shirt with this DIY… makes a cute summer coverup or overshirt. (via …love Maegan)

37 Laced Up Collar Sleeves


Laced Up Collar Sleeves (via Trash to Couture)

38 Easy Tank


Easy Tank (via C’est la belle vie)

39 Skull Cut Out T-Shirt


Skull Cut Out T-Shirt (via the daile lele)

40 Fringe Top

Fringe Top (via Can Can Dancer)

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