DIY Concrete Projects With Simply a Bag of Concrete Mix

DIY Concrete Projects You Can Make With One $5 Bag Of Concrete Mix. If you make all of them, it comes out to less than $2 per project.

1 Concrete Vases


Concrete Vases (via Homemade Modern)

2 Concrete Number


Concrete Number: So if you read the first and second parts on my summer concrete project you might want to see the final result. If not skip this post, I totally understand if you’re sick of all the prep work. Anyway, I… (via Chez Larsson)

3 Drawer Pull


Drawer Pull (via Projektila)

4 iPad Stand


iPad Stand: This Instructable will demonstrate how to make a concrete iPad stand from a plastic popcorn bucket, it’s inspired by a project from the Easy Concrete Projects book. No previous experience working with concrete is necessary, but you should be comfortable cutting thin plastic with a hand saw, shaping styrofoam, mixing and pouring concrete, cutting away the plastic form, sanding the base, and making the shelf that supports the device from wood or tile. Time Required: 1-2 hours + 2 days to cure Weight: 4-6 pounds Materials: Plastic Popcorn Form ($1 section at Target) Sacked Concrete Mix – NON-Aerated, 5000 psi is ideal (one 60lb bag will produce about 12 of these forms) CHENG Pro-Formula Mix (1 cubic foot box per two 60lb bags) CHENG Sealer CHENG Wax Styrofoam (small scrap pieces) Wood (.5″ thick) 2 Part Epoxy Tools: Ruler Permanent Marker Clear Packing Tape Hand Saw (Japanese style with fine … (via CHENG Concrete)

5 Geometric Paper Molds for Candles and Concrete


Geometric Paper Molds for Candles and Concrete: Make candles, coat hooks and a bunch of other handy knick-knacks with HomeMade Modern’s Bloktagon templates. (via Homemade Modern)

6 Table Number


Table Number (via Love and Lavender)

7 Concrete Magnets


Concrete Magnets (via At Home In Love)

8 Textured Bookends


Textured Bookends: Reuse Styrofoam packaging to create concrete bookends with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

9 Lightbulb Wall Hook


Lightbulb Wall Hook: This is how to make an excellent excuse for driving a lag bolt into your wall, the Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook. Functional yet sylish, it gives a nice industrial design feel wherever you mount it. Last winter after breaking out the serious cold weather gear, I found myself fighting the coat rack next to the front door. It was, to put it bluntly, failing miserably. Tipping over, breaking off, it was a mess. I swore before the next winter I would drive some serious hooks into the wall that would handle all my heavy overcoat needs. I just haven’t seen any kickass hooks yet that I liked enough to justify making serious holes in my walls. Cut to the last few months. As mentioned in my blog ( here, here, and here) I’ve been playing around, trying to make a concrete lightbulb. Why? Because I find the contrast of blending … (via whamodyne)

10 Heart Drawer Pull


Heart Drawer Pull (via Signed by Tina)

11 Candle Holder


Candle Holder: It’s never too early to talk about Christmas, right? At first I wasn’t going to show you this submission to the Panduro Concrete Challenge until closer to the holidays but then I figured that when we’re in late November it’s… (via Chez Larsson)

12 Cake Pan Stool


Cake Pan Stool: Make this durable, spring form cake pan stool in a few simple steps with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

13 Cheeseboard


Cheeseboard (via A Daily Something)

14 Concrete Candlestick


Concrete Candlestick (via ellas inspiration)

15 Concrete Clock


Concrete Clock: This Instructable will show you how to cast a fiber-reinforced concrete clock in a melamine box, using a foam knockout to recess the clock hands and mechanism. About Fiber Reinforced Concrete: CHENG D-FRC is a fiber reinforced concrete mix that is ideal for large or small projects where strength and thinness are desired. Fiber reinforced concrete doesn’t contain rock aggregate, instead it contains a range of fibers that act as the aggregate and help bind it together. The 1/4″ thickness at the face of this clock is less of a concern with D-FRC because it’s designed to be cast thin. The aggregate in regular sacked concrete can be up to 5/8″ in size, and getting small forms to fill without large voids can be tricky (a 5/8″ rock won’t fit in a 1/4″ gap). Concrete without aggregate (cement by itself) is brittle, but with that said, try this project even … (via CHENG Concrete)

16 Cylinder Vase


Cylinder Vase (via A Daily Something)

17 Concrete Pendant Lamp


Concrete Pendant Lamp: Use plastic soda bottles to make stylish concrete pendant lamps with Homemade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

18 Stackable Candle Holder


Stackable Candle Holder (via hankukilbo)

19 Advent Stake


Advent Stake (via Signe Pling)

20 Laced Cement Votive


Laced Cement Votive: By Claire of Fellow Fellow Hi there, its Claire from Fellow Fellow here! Ive got a really cute DIY for you today! A laced cement votive, perfect for summer nights spent outdoors. Keep reading to see the full tutorial after the jump! Here’s what you’ll need: Cement powder Paper cups to mix cement (via Say Yes)

21 Concrete Table Lamp


Concrete Table Lamp: Make your own concrete lamp! Complete this project for $7 in 3 hours with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

22 Concrete Fire Columns


Concrete Fire Columns: Why pay big bucks when you can make your own knock-off of a Restoration Hardware concrete fire column for about $20. Full step by step tutorial and photos. (via In My Own Style)

23 Concrete Vases


Concrete Vases: Make a super fab concrete vase in less than 30 minutes with the quick & easy tutorial by Sibylle from Funkytime! (via Handmade Charlotte)

24 Geometric Planter


Geometric Planter: Have you ever decided to make something, rushed into it without doing your research, and had your project fail miserably wasting the only day of sunshine and warmish weather in a week necessary to do it again? I set out to make a geometric planter out of cement after having seen some darling ones from Martha Stewart and others floating around Pinterest. When Brett and I were first married he… (via A Beautiful Mess)

25 Concrete Candle Holders


Concrete Candle Holders: Many bloggers have made candle holders from concrete lately and because I bought a big bag (25kg!) of dry concrete for my industrial table… (via NimiDesign)

26 Cements Centerpiece Pots


Cements Centerpiece Pots: I made these cement pots for our table at The Cream Event NYC and I have to confess that this is one of the most fun projects Ive made to date. Its so easy and quick, one could never tell you made one of these yourself in less the 20 minutes. And having never used (via Ruffled)

27 Concrete Planter


Concrete Planter: Turn an old cabinet into a concrete planter with HomeMade Modern! (via Homemade Modern)

28 Votives


Votives: DIY – Make your own concrete votives, step by step photos. (via monsterscircus)

29 Concrete Sphere Lamp


Concrete Sphere Lamp (via Min vrå…)

30 Copper and Concrete Lamp


Copper and Concrete Lamp: I made a fantastic table lamp with this easy step-by-step tutorial for a DIY copper and concrete lamp. It’s rustic and pretty. (via Look what I made)

31 Concrete Lamp Base


Concrete Lamp Base (via Pastill)

32 Gorgeous and Modern Planters


Gorgeous and Modern Planters: We’ve shown you gorgeous modern concrete planters before on AT, like local artisan Zachary Aric Zamora and his variance vessels. While this particular company we have to show you today isn’t local to Austin, we can’t help but notice how great these products look with some succulents in them. Of course, they’d probably look good with anything planted in them… (via Apartment Therapy)

33 Concrete Wood Coffee Table


Concrete Wood Coffee Table: Use Quikrete Countertop Mix and stair balusters to make a modern coffee table with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

34 Concrete Bookends


Concrete Bookends (via eilen tein)

35 Concrete Diamond


Concrete Diamond (via Happy Looks Good on You)

36 The Death Star Vase


The Death Star Vase: Use novelty Star Wars ice cube molds to cast concrete vases and wall hooks with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

37 Geometric Lampshade


Geometric Lampshade (via Weekday Carnival)

38 Concrete Lighting


Concrete Lighting (via Esmeralda’s)

39 Concrete Bookend


Concrete Bookend (via The Beat That My Heart Skipped)

40 Concrete Cantaloupe Lamp

Concrete Cantaloupe Lamp: Use a common melon to create a textured, concrete molded pendant lamp with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

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