DIY Balloon Project Ideas

Step by step instructions on how to make a balloon animal, bubble balloons and even how to decorate balloons. Nothing says a party like balloons do!

1 Balloon Ice

Balloon Ice: This is the season for BBQs and outdoor summer fun. We often have friends over last minute in the summer time and Ive learned a few tips and tricks along the way. I am excited to share these 13 really simple party hacks that will keep your 4th of July, or any other summer party, going off (via A Subtle Revelry)

2 DIY Donut Balloons


DIY Donut Balloons: How To Make Donut Balloons (via Studio DIY)

3 Balloon Chandelier


Balloon Chandelier: With a few supplies you can easily create this meaningful Balloon Chandelier DIY masterpiece to showcase your engagement photos. (via Wedding Chicks)

4 Ice Cream Cone Balloon


Ice Cream Cone Balloon: These Ice Cream Cone helium balloons that we made for Quinn’s Ice Cream Social 4th Birthday were a huge hit and so easy to make! Read on for the details and the free printable to make your ow (via Pretty Prudent)

5 Mini Balloon Hats


Mini Balloon Hats (via Oh Happy Day)

6 Pom-Pom Balloons


Pom-Pom Balloons: How to decorate balloons with cute little pom-poms (you can hot glue them on!) (via Design Improvised)

7 Letter Decal Balloon Banner


Letter Decal Balloon Banner: Making a banner out of balloons is a great way to say Happy Birthday! Using large 6 inch letter boat decals its a breeze to turn everyday balloons into an amazing party backdrop. Use the idea to make your typography balloons that say anything you can imagine; from a birthday wish, to congratulations, to (via A Subtle Revelry)

8 Hot Air Balloon Photobooth


Hot Air Balloon Photobooth (via Oh Happy Day)

9 I Am Thankful For… Balloon


I Am Thankful For… Balloon: How To Make Gilded “I Am Thankful For” Balloons for Thanksgiving (via Studio DIY)

10 Fortune Balloon Garland


Fortune Balloon Garland (via Oh Happy Day)

11 Balloon Birthday Wreath


Balloon Birthday Wreath: This birthday wreath is so festive and fun to decorate with for every birthday! Our good friend Amber is the pro at making them – she was so nice to let us take pictures of her making one so we could share it with all of you! (via How Does She?)

12 Holly and Berry Balloon Garland


Holly and Berry Balloon Garland (via Hellobee)

13 Colorful Balloon Garland


Colorful Balloon Garland (via A Girl and a Boy)

14 Flying Wedding Couple Balloons


Flying Wedding Couple Balloons: When I saw this I just knew that I had to find a way to make it wedding appropriate. This is definitely for a couple who want to PARTY at their reception. Plus, wouldn’t it be so fun to have a Continue reading (via Brooklyn Bride)

15 Giant Balloon Heart


Giant Balloon Heart: DIY Giant Balloon Heart for Valentine’s Day and Weddings (via Studio DIY)

16 Colorful Confetti Balloons


Colorful Confetti Balloons: If you’re throwing a kids party, follow our step-by-step craft tutorial to decorate your space with our fun and colourful confetti balloons. (via Alex and Alexa)

17 Gold Splatter Paint Balloons


Gold Splatter Paint Balloons: How To Make Gold Splatter Paint Balloons (via Studio DIY)

18 Hand Font Balloon


Hand Font Balloon: We are continuing our hand font series today with one of my favorite projects. A very large balloon! Personalizing party balloons has been a favorite past-time of mine over the years (see here) and this project is so easy and fun. You dont even need grand writing skills to make it work, just spacing and a steady (via A Subtle Revelry)

19 Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch


Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch (via Oh Happy Day)

20 Message Balloons


Message Balloons: Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Woweee my friend Leah turned thirty! Its the busiest time of year for weddings/photoshoots and there’s lots of celebrating as well! So very excited to FINALLY talk about this surprise birthday party that Ive been co-planning for months! We just returned this past weekend from quite the little diy bash. My bff (via Edyta Szyszlo)

21 Hot Air Balloon Wedding Theme


Hot Air Balloon Wedding Theme: We are having a hot air balloon theme wedding the fall and I was wondering if anybody had some suggestions for decorations? I’ve seen a few thin (via Weddingbee)

22 Girly Vintage Bridal Shower Inspiration


Girly Vintage Bridal Shower Inspiration: Boy do we have some cute shower inspiration for you guys today. Think mix-and-match vintage china, balloons everywhere, and scrumptious looking treats. Little Vintage Rentals says, The vision for this bridal shower shoot was sugary sweet and feminine, with a retro twist. The vintage-inspired gowns helped set the tone for the soiree where guests danced (via 1001 Layer Cake)

23 Confetti Dipped Balloons


Confetti Dipped Balloons: How To Dip Balloons in Confetti for Parties and New Year’s Eve (via Studio DIY)

24 Fruit Balloons


Fruit Balloons (via Oh Happy Day)

25 Balloon Backdrop


Balloon Backdrop: A multicolored balloon wall made the backdrop for many a fun photo. Pearlized neon balloons were secured to the ground at staggered heights to get the look. (via Popsugar)

26 Balloon Wall Decor


Balloon Wall Decor (via Honey and Fitz)

27 Gold Splatter Paint Balloons


Gold Splatter Paint Balloons: How To Make Gold Splatter Paint Balloons (via Studio DIY)

28 Macrame Balloons


Macrame Balloons: You know its going to be a good day when Sharon visits YAMF. These macrame balloons would look amazing in a huge bundle don’t you think? Do you wish you had a local bar named the Regal (via You Are My Fave)

29 Polka Dot Balloons


Polka Dot Balloons: Balloons are a great way to make any space party ready. They are easy to grab when I’m running 10 minutes late, and they quickly brighten up a room. I wanted to add a bit of texture and fun to our most recent festivities so polka dot balloons quickly came to mind. We’ve done (via A Subtle Revelry)

30 Balloon Luminaries


Balloon Luminaries: These water balloon luminaries are colored for a 4th of July theme. (via Candle Making Techniques)

31 Balloon Flower Vase


Balloon Flower Vase: Make a cool vase out of a balloon and a glass votive candle holder… (via Family Chic)

32 Balloon Bongo


Balloon Bongo: We’ve been having a lot of noisy fun with this 3 in 1 homemade instrument. Its a balloon bongo, rice shaker & giro all rolled into one and is a doddle to make! It was inspired by this really cool balloon bongo video by Lullatone that I found on flickr. How to You will need: (via

33 Emotional Stress Ball Balloons


Emotional Stress Ball Balloons: Ive seen this project on a couple other blogs and thought it would be a great way to teach my son about emotions. I found a bag of all yellow balloons at Target and it reminded me of the classic smiley face. I thought this would make the perfect canvas for all of our different (via Repeat Crafter Me)

34 Balloon Lantern


Balloon Lantern: Despite the rain, our preschool celebrated Martinmas last night with a traditional lantern walk. We ended up making lanterns that look very much like last years. I experimented with something new and Peanut and I made these… …a cross between… (via Kleas)

35 Balloon Flip Flops


Balloon Flip Flops: DIY Water Balloon Flip Flops Craft (via About A Mom)

36 Cherry Blossom Balloon


Cherry Blossom Balloon: I am very delighted for today’s post! Christine recently created an amazing Kawaii Birthday Party for her daughter and she made these adorable cherry blossom balloons. It is no surprise that both Christine and I have received inquiries about how to make them. And luckily for us, Christine is offering her time and talents to show (via Paper Glitter)

37 Tulle Balloon


Tulle Balloon: Turn a simple cake into a stunning masterpiece by adding a tulle balloon. Learn how to make a tulle balloon in this step-by-step DIY guide from Sweet Society. (via Sweet Society)

38 Two-Tone Balloons


Two-Tone Balloons: A bouquet of balloons is quite possibly the easiest way to make any space feel like a party. Since they’ve become ever so commonplace, I wanted to bring a bit of a subtle artistic touch to our store bought balloons. Inspired by these balloons I wanted to try out painting the balloons a bright second hue to give (via A Subtle Revelry)

39 Lollipop Balloon


Lollipop Balloon: I saw something like these lollipop balloons ages ago and couldn’t remember… Read more (via The House that Lars Built)

40 Pop Up Message Balloon


Pop Up Message Balloon: DIY Pop-Up Balloon Messages for Giant Balloons and Parties (via Studio DIY)

41 Shamrock Balloons


Shamrock Balloons (via Oh Happy Day)

42 Giant Balloon Message


Giant Balloon Message: DIY Giant Balloon Messages for Graduations, Birthday Parties and More (via Studio DIY)

43 Giant Lamp Balloons


Giant Lamp Balloons (via thank you, ok)

44 Doorway Balloons


Doorway Balloons (via Trey and Lucy)

45 Graphic Painted Party Balloons


Graphic Painted Party Balloons: I am so excited to share these fun balloons. Do you know you can make any average party balloon spectacular with just paint!?! A couple of years ago, I created a fun these fun two-tone painted balloons. They were a favorite of mine, but Ive always wanted to add a bit more of a graphic punch to (via A Subtle Revelry)

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