5 Essential Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Yard on a Budget

Sprucing up your front yard doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Keep reading for 5 essential ways to spruce up your front yard on a budget.

Adding some pizzazz to your curb appeal improves the value of your home. Home sales were up over 3% in April of 2019. If you’re thinking of selling or enjoy living in a beautiful home, make sure your house has great curb appeal.

Curb appeal may start at the curb, but it’s your front yard and entryway that make the difference.

Read on for 5 essential ways to bring your front yard to life on a budget while increasing the value of your home.

Spruce up the Front Door

The front door is one of the first things people notice when looking at the front of your house.

How does your front door look? Is the paint peeling and chipped? Is the door a boring color that blends into the house?

Sprucing up the front door is inexpensive and easy. For the cost of a gallon of paint and a paintbrush, you can create a whole new look.

Is the house gray or white? Go bold with a pretty red door. It makes a nice contrast to the neutral hue of the house.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is another inexpensive and easy way to get things looking their best.

Pressure wash the front porch, siding, and windows.

But take care! Don’t get too close to windows and doors. You don’t want to disturb caulking or sealing materials.

While you’re at it, wash the driveway and sidewalk. Eliminating mold and dirt makes everything look new.

Clean the Gutters

Don’t return the pressure washer too soon. Clean out the gutters and pressure wash around the outsides. It’ll make the gutters look new.

And while you’re up there, consider installing leaf guards to make the job easier next time.

Keeping the gutters clean has more than aesthetic benefits. It’s important for your home’s drainage system. Clogged gutters can even cause problems with the roof.

Mow the Lawn, Trim the Hedges, and Tend to the Beds

It’s amazing what a freshly mowed lawn does for the look of your home. Follow a schedule for fertilizing and seeding. Rake the leaves off on a regular basis.

Mow the lawn and trim the edges weekly.

While you’re out mowing the lawn, take time to trim the hedges and tend the flower beds. Handling these chores is easier when done on a regular schedule.

Modernize the Fixtures

Changing outdated fixtures makes a dramatic difference in curb appeal. And it’s an inexpensive fix.

Determine what type of home you have. Home improvement stores have a wide range of options at various price points. Pick fixtures that match the architectural style of your home.

If you’re not up to changing the fixtures, try painting them black for a clean modern look.

Bring Your Front Yard to Life On a Budget

For the best curb appeal, start in your front yard. Mow the lawn and trim the hedges on a regular schedule. Tend the flower beds if you have them.

Pressure wash the sidewalk, porch, and house for a clean look. Clean out the gutters and install leaf guards.

Paint the front door for a fresh new look and modernize the outdoor fixtures.

Now enjoy your awesome curb appeal! Read more home and garden informational articles on the blog.


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