Amazing DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Every bridesmaid is unique, and I’m sure there’s something perfect for them on this list of amazing gift tutorials!

1 Wire Necklace and Bracelet

Wire Necklace and Bracelet (via 100 Layer Cake)

2 Candy Jewelry Box


Candy Jewelry Box: A pile of gemstones in luminous pinks, reds, and corals is a thrill to behold. These turn out to be good to eat as well. Use the same mold to make shiny hard candies (these are cinnamon flavored) and chocolates that can be wrapped in gleaming metallic foil. Tuck them into this handcrafted jewelry box for a special someone, or give them out to your dazzling friends. (via Martha Stewart)

3 Rhinestone Hair Clips


Rhinestone Hair Clips (via Lauren Conrad)

4 Thread-Wrapped Necklace


Thread-Wrapped Necklace (via Wild Amor)

5 Vintage Teacup Candles


Vintage Teacup Candles: This may or may not be my most fave DIY project yet. It could be because I found the cutest little teacups to use like the one above that have ‘Best Wishes’ written in gold cursive or it could be because the ever so fabulous Jenna of Jenna McKenzie Photography took all of the beautiful shots for me just for this post (have I told you how much I heart her?) But really, I love this project cause I know you’re going to love it too. It’s easy, super cute and perfect for favors, home decor, gifts, bridal showers and the list goes on. Read on to find out how you too can make your own DIY Vintage Teacup Candles! Supplies. You will need the following: vintage tea cups, any will do eco friendly candle wax flakes wooden kabob skewer sticks scotch tape and sharp scissors a stove, a double boiler and bowl oven mitts and a hot plate/trivet {Step 1} You’ll want to make wooden wick supports to lay over top of the teacups. To do this you can tape […] (via Hey Gorgeous)

6 Bridesmaid Survival Kit


Bridesmaid Survival Kit: Make your besties a cute gift box full of inexpensive items to help them make it through your long and wonderful wedding day – the bridesmaid survival kit! (via Something Turquoise)

7 Flower Bouquet


Flower Bouquet (via artsocial)

8 Wedding Shoe Clips


Wedding Shoe Clips: Give neutral shoes fun DIY embellishments in the form of jewels, bows, flowers, poufs, and pom-poms. All of these can be removed after any party, although we highly doubt anyone will want to! (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

9 Floral Top


Floral Top (via Dollar Store Crafts)

10 Knot Tote Bag


Knot Tote Bag: Me Sew Crazy Blog (via The Sewing Rabbit)

11 Agate Stone Magnets


Agate Stone Magnets: diy agate magnets, agate stones, (via A Bubbly Life)

12 Leather Heart Keychains


Leather Heart Keychains: I have been on quite a leather kicksince I made the Leather Mason Jar Mug, and with Valentines Day right around the corner, I put my leather scraps to use and made these leather heart keych (via Pretty Prudent)

13 Bath Fizzies


Bath Fizzies: Learn how to make bath fizzies to give as handmade gifts. (via Martha Stewart)

14 Glitter Champagne Bottles


Glitter Champagne Bottles: We know, we know… we’re what you may call slightly “obsessed” with all things gold. But really, can you blame us? With favors THIS good-looking, can’t you (via Beau Coup)

15 Heart Water Bottles


Heart Water Bottles: Were back with another fabulous Valentines Da yDIY from PBteen crafter extraordinaire Laurel ofA Bubbly Life blog to show us how to get extra festive this V-day! Take it away, Laurel! Aloha, everyone! Laurel from A Bubbly Life here again! As a crafter and DIY blogger I seriously swoon for anything that you can buy that is 100% PLAIN! (via PBteen)

16 Bow Tote Bag


Bow Tote Bag (via Elm Street Life)

17 Floral Monogram


Floral Monogram: How to decorate a monogram with fabric. (via Homey Oh My!)

18 Monogrammed Slippers


Monogrammed Slippers: Children will especially adore their personalized pairs. (via Martha Stewart)

19 Bleach Bride T-Shirt


Bleach Bride T-Shirt: A cute shirt and a Clorox bleach gel pen is all you will need to make a bleach bride t-shirt. Why not make one for each of your bridesmaids as well! (via Something Turquoise)

20 Glitter Votives


Glitter Votives (via 100 Layer Cake)

21 Love Notes Photo Book


Love Notes Photo Book: Today is my boyfriend’s birthday (the big 27!). As part of his birthday present I made this little love notes photo book for him. I’d like to think it’s equal parts romantic and cheesy! The idea was to give him 27 love notes for his 27th birthday; I’ve been working on the notes all month. And I got to use my new sewing skills for stitching up the book. Here’s… (via A Beautiful Mess)

22 Beaded Flip Flops


Beaded Flip Flops (via TiB)

23 Monogram Bag


Monogram Bag: Be still my monogram loving heart. It took me all of 20 minutes to start cutting monograms with my new Cricut Explore. If you come near me chances are I will monogram you. Watch out. But, since you’re not around for me to monogram, Ill make a pencil pouch instead. And as an extra (via Damask Love)

24 Fabric Bangles


Fabric Bangles: Make your own spring accessories and give these fabric wrapped bangles a try. This video tutorial will show you just how easy they are to make! (via Sarah Hearts)

25 Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case


Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case: DIY Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case (via Lovely Indeed)

26 Pedicure in a Jar


Pedicure in a Jar (via Evermine Occasions)

27 Glittery Hangers


Glittery Hangers: Andrew and I got engaged December 6th, so taking the advice of some already married friends, we kicked back and enjoyed the holidays completely, no wedding planning what so ever. Then February rolled around, and we realized with angst – places are booking up! We feverishly got to work on all of the big items, (via My Favorite Things)

28 Fabric-Stickered Notebook Favors


Fabric-Stickered Notebook Favors: Turn a favorite motif into an adhesive textile to transform any simple front cover into a work of art. (via Martha Steward Weddings)

29 Koozies


Koozies: The perfect accessory for your Spring or Summer BBQ’s … Custom DIY Koozies! So many possibilities! I’ll show you how to dress up those naked bottles AND keep your beverages cold with this easy to follow tutorial! (via View from the Fridge)

30 Rose-Petal-Infused Honey


Rose-Petal-Infused Honey: DIY Rose Petal Honey (via Lovely Indeed)

31 Stamped Monogram Notepaper Blocks


Stamped Monogram Notepaper Blocks: Warning: This posts contains a serious risk of death by awesomely easy craftiness. Proceed with caution. For all of you crafters and would-be crafters who have yet to dive into the world of stamping, I really hope that this project will convince you that stamping is an oh-so-necessary addition to your life. Sure you can (via Damask Love)

32 Kiss the Miss Goodbye Frame


Kiss the Miss Goodbye Frame (via Just Call Me Haha)

33 Polka Dot Luggage Tags


Polka Dot Luggage Tags: DIY Polka Dot Luggage Tags (via Lovely Indeed)

34 Folded Card Notebooks


Folded Card Notebooks: With all the notebook hoarding I’m doing around here, you’d think my last name was Hemingway. You’d think that I wrote feverishly about terribly important topics. Neither of those apply to me. I just like notebooks and more often than not, I just put them on a shelf to look pretty because we all know (via Damask Love)

35 Embellished Ribbons


Embellished Ribbons: We’ve seen lots of brides accessorize with bedazzled-ribbon headbands, necklaces, and sashes. Because you can tie them however you want, they make great one-size-fits-all bridesmaids gifts, too. Not a seamstress? Never fear! These elegant ideas don’t require sewing just a few dabs of fabric glue. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

36 Homemade Lavender Soap


Homemade Lavender Soap: How to make soap: Lavender Soap Tutorial (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

37 Fabric Hanger


Fabric Hanger: We recently hosted a Crafts and Cocktails event with Zooey Magazine and A Beautiful Mess and spent an afternoon indulging in sweet treats and crafty DIY projects. Our Fabric Hanger DIY was a huge hit, so we’re excited to share it with all of you too! If you’re looking for a cute Mother’s Day gift or a special hanger for your wedding dress, this DIY project is for you. (via Ruche)

38 Doily Canvas Bag


Doily Canvas Bag: Thankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute. You might notice a lot of doilies in my recent diy projects. Since I was getting so many ready for A Christmas (via Under the Sycamore)

39 Envelope Clutch


Envelope Clutch (via swellmayde)

40 Wooden Cheese Board


Wooden Cheese Board: This handmade wooden cheese board is a wonderful present that commemorates the year it was given. (via Martha Stewart)

41 Charming Clay Flowers


Charming Clay Flowers (via Happy Together)

42 Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Bars


Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Bars: I’ve always been intrigued by the world of soap making. Choosing your own ingredients to make your own special scent, adding colors and textures to make it aesthetically pleasing, and then getting to share those goodies with friends and family just sounds like the best thing ever. I’ll admit that I’ve been an admirer for some time, but the thought of taking on another hobby that can be very involved… (via A Beautiful Mess)

43 Ombre Pencils


Ombre Pencils: Nothing says loving like office supplies. Can I get an amen?! Okay so maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way, but I’m sure we can all agree that a day with new office supplies is an awesome day. So why not make them the new it V-day gift! This tutorial is really (via Damask Love)

44 Easy Rope Coaster


Easy Rope Coaster: I am totally that lady that’s a little bit crazy about making people use a coaster. I don’t care about wet cups on every surface of my house, just mostly when it comes to my coffee table. It was the first piece of real furniture that I bought when I graduated from college, and I saved up for a long time to buy it from an expensive modern home store… (via A Beautiful Mess)

45 Glittered Wooden Spoon Favors


Glittered Wooden Spoon Favors: Check out this easy, step by step tutorial on how to make darling glittered wooden spoon gifts ~ and you won’t loose a single sparkle!!! (via Something Turquoise)

46 Mini Clutch


Mini Clutch (via Our Busy Little Bunch)

47 Succulent Wedding Favors


Succulent Wedding Favors: Spring is on its way (we promise), and with it thoughts of nature. Give the gift of green to guests with DIY succulent wedding favors! Succulent favors are both eco-chic and budget friendly, and your guests will love getting a plant to take home and grow as a symbol of your love. You can buy (via Smarty Had A Party)

48 Citrus Treat Boxes0


Citrus Treat Boxes: I might be a little obsessed with today’s DIY. Ever since I saw THESE adorable coasters, I knew I wanted to create something similar minus the sewing because I’m not so great at sewing. Paper though? That I can handle and Ill bet that you can too, once I walk you through the process. As a lucky member (via Damask Love)

49 Wine Bottle Labels


Wine Bottle Labels: Tools and Supplies 8 1/2-by-11-inch white or cream paper (65-pound “Classic Crest” cover paper; 2 wine labels per sheet)Craft knife Metal ruler Cutting surface Double-sided tape 750ml bottles of wine (not sparkling wine or Champagne)Basic How-To1. Open our PDF file, and replace the placeholder text with your own (you only need to do this in one box; the form will automatically fill in the rest). Print the file. Each sheet of paper will give you two labels.2. Use the craft… (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

50 Monogram Canvas Tote


Monogram Canvas Tote (via The Family Chapters)

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