6 Ingenious Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Space

Equip your small yard with these easy decorating ideas for a space that looks deceivingly large and comes ready for barbecues, game nights, bonfires, and more.


Changing up the pavers is a great way to perk up your patio. Since they usually constitute a significant part of an outdoor space, putting in new pavers can change the whole feel of the space. Brands like Amber offer a variety of options of pavers you can choose from depending on your preferred style. For instance, clay pavers will give a classic timeless look, while stone will add a more natural tone.


If you’ve had your interior furniture redone but your outdoor furniture has stayed the same, you can bring in new outdoor pieces that match the interior aesthetic. Your decor tastes might have changed over the years, so pick new furniture that aligns with your current preferences and give your patio a fresh look.

Change the covers

You don’t have to go big when upgrading the space. Small things such as changing the cushion and pillow covers can also make a significant difference, and there are a variety of patterns, colours and fabric to choose from.


Since this is an outdoor space, making use of flowers and greenery is a great idea. You can add new flowers to bring in some colour. Existing planters can be painted to give them a fresh look. If you haven’t already, make use of the vertical space to install hanging planters. A rain garden is another great idea that will add charm and an eco-friendly element to the space.

A fire pit

As we enter the colder months of the year, a fire pit will allow you to continue using your outdoor space for gatherings by keeping it warm and inviting. Many people might not be able to have an open wood fire in their backyard, so a natural gas fire pit is a great alternative. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you can attempt building a tabletop fire pit.

Install a shed

Outdoor spaces that are not used regularly often become an extension of a supply closet. You should instead turn it into an extension of your comfortable home by installing a shed. It can not only be used as an additional storage space, but can also become a dedicated space for any gardening or other similar equipment. You can customise the design of the shed to meet your needs.

If you decorate and take care of your outdoor space just as much as the indoors, it will become an extension of your home. You will not only be able to unwind there but will also be able to invite friends and family for enjoyable gatherings. You can also play with the lighting to improve the mood of the space. Some string lights can give it a dreamy look at night.

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