8 Amazing Crochet Sun Hat Designs

The weather is warming up, and I’m thinking about summer, so I had to make a stylish accessory for sunny days: the Crochet June Sun Hat!

1. Ruffled brim crochet sun hat

[from Hatting Madly Crochet]

2. Pineapple lace sunhat for girls

[Pineapple Lace Hat from The Crochet Lounge]

3. Baby boy crochetsummer sun hat

[Pattern by My Merry Messy Life]

4. Crochet ToddlerSun Hat

[Pattern by Stitch11]

5. Peach happy sun hat

[Another pattern by Stitch11]

6. Yoyo-Puff Wide Brim Hat For Girl

[Pattern by Craft Passion]

7. Belmont Crochet Sun Hat

[Girls crochet sun hat from Kati D Creations]

8. Crochet Watermelon Sun Hat

[Created by Repeat Crafter Me]

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